Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Arrival of Recent Google Updates Globally Proved to be Fatal for Sports Sites

Improving sports-related sites’ ranking has been a major issue in the past, as the competition in this segment is quite high with a lot of sports-dealing bodies trying to establish their presence online. Some of them were using keywords like cricket, cricket world cup, cricket tournaments, football, football international, football news, football updates and things like that. Similarly, some of them were covering other sports like basketball, baseball, hockey, cycling, motorsports etc.

Ultimately, it created loads of keywords as well as a competition between the sites, which were already up. Later on, when rest of the media felt danger due to the arrival of internet into the field, they also started shifting their strategies online to save their property and credibility. This battle of competition continued over the years, and as a result, the new media came up with online tools for checking sites’ ranking such as Alexa ranking, Google Algorithm and many others.

With the eventual advancements in technology, Alexa established themselves as an authority for checking and improving page rankings. Alexa primarily offers different options such as:
  1. It shows rankings of the website traffic
  2. It also indicates rankings for web search results
  3. It presents related links menu
  4. It displays website reviews
  5. It enables error handling &
  6. It sends usage stats
Before the recent Google updates, this was the scenario for sports sites and how they ranked in search results, when they were searched by different users from around the world.

According to a survey conducted by an emerging sports authority, the arrival of recent Google updates (namely Mayday and Jagger) has proved to be fatal for different sports-related websites throughout the world. Later on, Caffeine was introduced as a healing agent to counter the mess created by these two.

Previously, the sports-dealing bodies, which were much higher on up Alexa rankings, have recently suffered a severe decline and a big loss of traffic at the same time. The reasons behind this were Mayday and Jagger – but the recent introduction of Caffeine (as a fast indexing Algo update) to support Mayday has eased things up a bit.

These updates have brought considerable decline into the page rankings of various sports sites and rolled back a large amount of their progress. They also left a bad impact (decline) on Alexa rankings, which literally emerged as a great loss in the recent scenario. Besides declining page rankings of different sports sites, they even damaged credibility of sports giants from around the world in terms of web traffic control. Most of the said competitors are very much concerned about this, and are taking precautionary measures to avoid such collateral damages in future.

There are hundreds and thousands of sports sites that have been working hard to improve their rankings for years but all their devoted efforts went in vain with these updates. The best technique to keep yourself immune from such technical elements is to regularly keep on updating your site with the latest keywords and adapting to change. It will not only keep your site up-to-date, but will also make it strong enough to face such challenges in future. All you need to do is to stay in touch with the latest technology news and to act accordingly.

This survey has been conducted by, an online sports authority blog.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top in Formula One 2010?

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